Friday, October 25, 2013

Rebranded and Relaunched

I began this blog six years ago, combining my love for books with my job managing the book department for the University of Utah Bookstore.  It became the de facto blog for the book department, and over the years, I wrote about good books, changes in the book business, and hosted great guest posts from a number of authors.

Yet, the blog fell behind.  With my staff being reduced one by one I had less and less time to write and was compelled to devote more and more time to running every aspect of the department, until finally, in April of this year, a choice was made.  The University Campus Store (notice, they'd already changed their name) decided they no longer wanted to be in the book business (well, they still have textbooks, but who really likes those).  My position was eliminated, as are the general reading books.  Unfortunately, it's a choice many college stores are making- eliminating books and filling that space with clothing that can be sold to the fans of the athletic teams.

The Campus Store had eliminated links from their webpage to this blog some time ago, and so here it sat, unattended, languishing with a two year old review of a really good mystery book by Michael Harvey on the front page.

Since this blog began, it remained under my personal Blogger account, so I recently decided to rebrand and relaunch it.  It is no longer The Bookmark at the U.  It is now, Wanna Bookmark With That?  I gave it that title after hearing cashiers at a bookstore (unfortunately, I no longer remember which store) say that as they rung up customers, playing off the oft repeated fast food cliché.

I hope to make this blog more fun and edgy than I could when it was representing the University Campus Store.  It'll be about books, authors, publishing, writing, and occasionally, bookmarks.  If your looking for reviews of blockbuster authors like James Patterson or John Grisham, you're not going to find them here.  New York Times bestsellers?  Probably not.  I like discovering authors that I haven't read before or that don't have a wide audience.  I tend to lean towards mysteries because that is what I personally like, but I read a wide range of titles, so there might be a little something for everyone.  And I won't waste your time telling you about bad books.  If I didn't like it, there's no need to waste your time or mine writing 300 words about why I thought it sucked.  I'd rather share what I thought was worthy of your time to read.

New books, old books, guest posts, author interviews, eventually some podcasts and videos, possibly some book giveaways, and maybe even some bookmarks.  You can never have enough bookmarks.

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