Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Cold Dish: Book of the Month for June 2009

The Cold Dish by Craig Johnson, 30% off during the month of June 2009 (in-store purchases only).

"The Cold Dish" by Craig Johnson is the Book of the Month for June 2009 at the Bookmark at the U, at the University of Utah Campus Store. Johnson is an exciting voice in the mystery genre, who tells his stories with both great characters and settings. The characters of Walt Longmire, Henry Standing Bear, and Victoria Moretti have become some of my favorites in the mystery genre. Sitting down with a Walt Longmire mystery is like sitting down for a chat around the campfire with old friends.

"The Cold Dish" introduces us to Walt Longmire, sheriff of the fictional Absaroka County in northern Wyoming and his attempts to keep the peace in what should be a relatively peaceful place.

"Longmire knows he’s got trouble when Cody Pritchard is found dead. Two years earlier, Cody and three accomplices had been given suspended sentences for raping a Northern Cheyenne girl. Is someone seeking vengeance? Longmire faces the most volatile and challenging case in his twenty-four years as sheriff and means to see that revenge, a dish that is best served cold, is never served at all."

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