Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Why Bother Going To A Bookstore?

I go to a bookstore everyday- but, then, I'm strange like that. I work at a bookstore.

When I leave work, I go to different bookstores for fun- but, then, I'm strange like that. I love books.

I recently read a report that stated 70% of adults in the United States haven't been in a bookstore in the last five years. Are books boring? Are bookstores boring?

Books, like any commodity, have increased in price over the years. Does the price keep us from buying books?

If you do buy books, you are able to sit in your underwear at home, on the computer and buy books from the Internet. Is that more appealing than getting dressed and going to a bookstore? Is this convenience or laziness?

Many bookstores have built cafes and now serve food and coffee. Are books interesting only if they come with food and drink? Are bookstores now just coffee houses with a few books to sell?

Would more people come to bookstores if there were video games to play, movies to watch, roller coasters to ride? If these things were available at the bookstore, would the bookstore be a bookstore anymore?

I've been thinking about these questions quite a lot lately. I can't imagine my life without bookstores. To me, they are exciting places where I can buy books about nearly any subject imaginable. The books themselves are entertainment.

I realize there are many things vying for our time and attention these days- I too feel the pressures of the modern world. But, I make time to go to bookstores. I make time to read. I do it for work. I do it to learn. I do it for pleasure. But, then, I'm strange like that.

What then, would make bookstores exciting places? What would make you make time to visit a bookstore? An author signing their new book? A book club discussion group? A movie night?

What would make a bookstore THE place to be for you? Share your comments with us. Inquiring minds would like to know what YOU think about bookstores and what would make them more interesting, vibrant and fun places to be.

While you think about this, I'll be at the bookstore. But, then again, I'm strange like that.