Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Learn to live from those who've died

Question: Why would anyone sit down and read a book full of obituaries?

Answer: Because these are amazing, touching, funny stories of everyday people who did something extraordinary with their ordinary lives (thus the subtitle).

ObitIn Obit by Jim Sheeler, a reporter who wrote obituaries for a living for the Boulder Planet and the Denver Post, collects obituaries written to share lives and experiences of those that have gone before. These are not the obituaries on page B10 that every newspaper carries, but extensions of these. They are three to five page stories of what people did in their lives that reminds each of us how to be better human beings. They are poignant, funny, sad, heartrending, heartwarming and always touching. Although each is the story of a life from someone who lived in Colorado, I think we all know of someone in our own communities reflected in these essays.

If my own obituary eventually reads anything like the individuals in this collection, I would be wholly satisfied with my life.

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