Friday, November 9, 2007

Just behave, would you?

God Behaving BadlyWhatever happened to the gods of Olympus? They seemed to be doing quite well 2500 years ago. Once the Roman’s co-opted them as part of their pantheon they still had a good run for hundreds of years more. But, once Constantine accepted Christianity, the Greek/Roman gods predominance was over. Christians has this awful tendency to be a monotheistic people (Father, Son and Holy Ghost as the triune God). Polytheism was dead in the west.

So, it might come as a surprise that Zeus, Hera and the gang are still around and just as much alive today as they were when Alexander the Great was conquering the world. Only, now, they are living together in a dumpy house in London and their immortal powers deteriorating. Apollo is a psychic on a daytime television show while Aphrodite makes a living as a phone-sex operator. Dionysus runs one of the hottest clubs in London, where of course, everyone dances and gets drunk on his wine. Artemis is a dog walker and Aphrodite’s son Eros, well, he’s converted to Christianity. Not quite the good old days.

Two mortals, Neil and Alice, who like each other terribly but can just never seem to admit it to one another, get caught in the middle of one of Aphrodite and Apollo’s fights. Things quickly go from bad to worse and Neil must not only confront the gods, but take a trip to the underworld to save Alice and the world.

Gods Behaving Badly by Marie Phillips is a funny take on what might happen if the Greek gods existed today and were living among us. For all we know, maybe they do. Just remember, the gods were always a little R-rated, and they haven’t changed much in this book.

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