Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Get along little doggie, get along

One of my favorite things to do is open boxes of books as they arrive at the store; its like Christmas everyday. As I dig, I find treasures that I’d forgotten I’d ordered. Others I’ve been waiting in anticipation for.

Gallop!“Gallop!” is one of those books that I’ve been anticipating. Each time a box came from Workman Publishing, I’d dig through, hoping to find it and then being disappointed when it didn’t arrive.

Well, today “Gallop!” finally arrived!

This book is soooo cool! It is a book for kids and adults stuck in the high tech world of the Internet, video games, and movies. Warning: there are no batteries, no electrical cords, no LCD screens, or DVD’s. This is a picture book with moving pictures. You heard me- moving pictures!

“Gallop!” is a “Scanimation Picture Book.” What does that mean you ask? When you open the cover of the book and all succeeding pages, like a pop-up book, the opening of the page causes magic to happen. Looking at the front cover you seen a picture of a horse (see the cover above). When you open the cover, the horse begins to gallop- not just one move, but continuous movement. His legs move, his head moves, his body moves. Every animal in the book, from cats to monkeys, run, leap, fly or swing, amazing you with each page you turn.

A simple rhyme goes with each picture making this ideal for the smaller kids, but adults are going to play with this as well, asking themselves the entire time- how’d they do that?

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